January 2016 Newsletter

Winter Greetings to All!



Our thoughts go out to those who lack access one of our most basic needs-safe drinking water. Water is being used for profit, rather than for maintaining life.This is a major step backward for the 99% and one that needs to be reversed.


The most recent, though not only, assault on safe water access is seen in the lead poisoning of the water supply for Flint. This occurred while under control of an emergency manager. In a cost saving measure, the water system was switched to drawing water from the Flint River, long known to be contaminated. To save more money, a $100/day treatment was not used. As a result, the pipes began to leach out lead into the water. It took nearly 2 years of protests, AND the contamination of Flint's children with lead, to get the state to take notice. Even though the water supply has finally been switched, the water is still not safe to drink. Irreparable permanent damage has been done to Flint's children and to the water infrastructure. The State of Michigan is responsible for this disaster and must use all means available to remediate the damage.


Democracy Now had extensive coverage of the Flint crisis during its show on January 8th. Watch this show to learn more about this issue.



Several individuals are organizing an action to take place on Saturday, January 23rd. The plan is that they will join the weekly Saturday Occupy TC action (11am-1pm) and then march to the Parkway to stand from 1p-2p. Anyone who would like to participate is invited to join! Signs can be individualized with common topics expected to be Flint Water Crisis, Recall/Resign Rick (Snyder), and Eliminate Emergency Managers. See attached flyer.



To meet immediate needs for Flint citizens, donations are being collected by a variety of organizations.


One gallon jugs of water are recommended by one grassroots organizer. How much better would it be if larger water coolers could be set up in each home!



Thousands of Detroit's citizens have had their access to water denied. Widespread water shut offs  over the past two years, have created a humanitarian crisis. Community groups have recommended affordability plans but have ignored.

Access to clean drinking water is a basic need!



Two pipelines under the Straits of Mackinac would greatly contaminate the Great Lakes, in the event of a spill. Citizens have been speaking out to demand that these pipelines be shut down. The pipelines are owned by the same company, Enbridge, responsible for the oil spill in Kalamazoo area.



The State of Michigan has been denying democratic representation to many of its citizens. It does this by appointing "Emergency Managers" that can override the decisions made by elected officials and citizens. Many cities have been affected, including both Flint and Detroit. The law that permits this (PA 4) was overturned by a state-wide vote in 2012. However the legislature immediately rewrote and voted in a similar law the following month! The only difference was that they made this new law untouchable by public vote.

Flint was under emergency manager, Darnel Earley, when the disastrous decision was made to switch the water source to the Flint River. Unfortunately, he is now the emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools. Detroit teachers recently held a "sick out" to highlight the deplorable condition of their schools.


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" 

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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