Occucards are a great resource, You can purchase informational cards or download pdf files to print out yourself. The topics are many.


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OTC Foreclosure Survival Guide and Resource Packet
Thanks to Valorie Gibbs for putting this excellent resource together! It contains all sorts of information to help out those going through foreclosure. Sorry about some of the pages being hard to make out, we will try and improve the image quality of the packet.

Other foreclosure resources:

The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency has foreclosure counseling.

Michigan Community Foreclosure Response Toolkit


Thanks to Sonic Bloom Recording for putting together this short film on Occupy TC!


Here's a song for all who are awake, engaged, and working to make this world a better place. Thank You!

Thanks to "Doc" Probes for writing and performing his original song "We Will Occupy" in downtown Traverse City. Members of Occupy TC have been holding a weekly street action since October 2011.

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